Sustainability is the ally of growth, not the enemy

Aled Jones

In Defra, like many other departments, it was more 52-card pickup than a reshuffle, with both Caroline Spelman and Jim Paice leaving the government to be replaced by Owen Paterson and David Heath. The consequences of asking two new ministers to head a number of labyrinthine policies at a critical time does not bode well…


Running Dry

Natan Doron

It is now clearly established that the rate at which water is being taken out of the environment to supply homes and businesses is causing damage to rivers across the UK . The water white paper ‘Water for Life’ published in December 2011 has signalled a government intention to change the system of taking water…

Jet Engine

Aviation policy for 2050, not 2015

Natan Doron

The coalition agreement states that a third runway at Heathrow is off the aviation policy menu. David Cameron now says he’s not blind to the need for airport expansion in the South East. Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith threatens to stand down if the Tories support a third runway at Heathrow. Boris Johnson says the third…

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