Assimilation and the immigration debate

Eric Kaufmann

Immigration has proven one of the hardest issues for Britain’s main parties to address, and UKIP has been the beneficiary. But, according to my YouGov/Birkbeck/Policy Exchange survey data, many UKIP voters will change their views on immigration if politicians can reassure them by highlighting the impressive rate of assimilation already taking place in British society….


Support for Brexit linked to unequal public spending

Andrew Harrop

Since the early hours of 24th June there has been a mountain of comment and analysis on the causes of the Leave victory and the polarised attitudes which the EU referendum revealed. However, one issue has so far attracted little attention: the relationship between Brexit sentiments and the UK’s fiscal geography. Fabian Society analysis shows that those regions and nations which have been ‘winners’ when it comes to public spending were also the most pro-remain. The allocation of government expenditure may therefore help explain what happened in June, and suggest answers to where…

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Unifying the United Kingdom

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP

According to clause IV of its constitution, the Labour party “believes that by the strength of our common endeavour, we achieve more than we achieve alone.” That principle has urgent contemporary relevance for the left. Rarely has the United Kingdom seemed as divided. On 23 June, two of the UK’s constituent parts, England and Wales,…

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