Houser Wolf

Labour’s existential crisis

Tony Halmos

Post-referendum, Labour faces an existential crisis – over leadership, policy and its whole purpose and very existence. At the same time there could be an early general election, within the next 10 months. The leadership crisis needs sorting out first and urgently. Whatever the final outcome, Labour, as the main party of opposition in a…

Tracy Wilcox

A heart for Europe after Brexit

Dick Pels

From across the English Channel (soon to become a new European frontier) it was perhaps easier to see that something big was missing from the Brexit debate: a positive idea about European civilization, and of Britain’s part in it. The standoff was effectively one between a party of moderates and one of more radical eurosceptics…


Hearts and minds

Mary Honeyball MEP

As we all reel from the result of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, now may be the time for some initial reflections on the result, how it happened and where we may go from here. Firstly, although it is difficult, we must accept the result. While this may prove a challenge…

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