Against a tyranny of the majority

Marie-Noelle Loewe

MPs need to learn from the past and show some courage on Europe Holding up American democracy as an ideal is rather unpopular today – with good reason. Yet while the world anxiously awaits the global fallout of President-elect Trump coming to office, it is worth remembering that the US democratic model has been admired…

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Review: What’s next?

Julia Slupska

What’s Next? Britain’s future in Europe Peter Wilding (IB Tauris, September 2016) The back cover of Peter Wilding’s new book, What’s Next? sets an ambitious goal: to ‘spell out a bold new vision for British foreign relations.’ Many of the book’s core messages are not exactly brand new, but rather a continuation of Wilding’s work…

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Backwards march

David Clark

As a consequence of the Brexit referendum and its aftermath, the UK has embarked on a path of self-marginalisation at precisely the moment when its voice as a traditional bastion of European liberalism is needed most. Boris Johnson pleads that we will remain a European power, but the simple truth is that we are about…