Contested development

Purna Sen

At the Labour Party conference in September Ed Miliband spoke about the dangers of a race to the bottom – of falling real wages and problems inherent in the unfair distribution of the benefits of growth. And if a rising tide must lift all boats, this should include those in developing countries. Labour can claim…

National Front

The rise of the far right in Europe

Sanchia Alasia

This week, National Front candidate Laurent Lopez won a hotly-contested local council by-election in the southern town of Brignoles, France. Analysts have said that the Front National win in Brignoles, whose mayor belongs to the Communist party, could be a significant barometer of the national mood.  This comes amidst a recent poll in France that…


Welcome to… The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Ivana Bartoletti

Last week, Nissan’s chief operating officer, Toshiyuki Shiga, warned Britain against leaving the European Union. He claimed that our ongoing membership is ‘very important’ for foreign investors and highlighted the dramatic consequence of having to set up our own standards and making our own regulations, should we leave the EU. Nissan has invested more than…

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