Peace processes

David Kitching

The public debate leading up to the EU referendum showed an alarming disregard for the potential of Brexit to disrupt the peace agreement in Northern Ireland. Several commentators have indicated that triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty could precipitate a poll on Irish unification. The situation in the Republic is currently precarious, with a…

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A radical England

Jon Wilson, Tom Kelsey

Regardless of where you sit in the Labour party, it is difficult to look back on the leadership contest and feel a sense of pride. No one can say that this debate has constructively healed bitter divisions. In fact, we have managed to become more divided and it remains unclear where exactly the party is…

Neil Kinnock

Voice of experience

Mary Riddell

As the longest serving opposition leader in British political history, Neil Kinnock has plenty of lessons to share. He talks to Mary Riddell about Labour’s leadership battle and his predictions for the party’s future. It is easy to imagine that Neil Kinnock must be a haunted man. In the past year, the former leader of…