Finding a new future

Patrick Diamond

Anthony Crosland’s enduring relevance as an intellectual reference point for the British left is hard to dispute. In the wake of the party’s 2015 defeat, The Financial Times insisted Labour had to “reawaken the modernising impulse in the party’s past, championed by figures such as Tony Crosland” to re-emerge as a credible governing force. Yet…

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Labour’s northern soul

Caitlin Griffith Otway

How Stoke lost the faith Healthy Labour majorities have long been guaranteed in Stoke-on-Trent, thanks to a self-reinforcing triumvirate of work, trade unionism and party loyalty. However, Labour safe seats in northern, working-class towns risk being taken for granted. In 2015, all 20 seats with the lowest turnout were won by Labour – an expression…


Dark days

Andrew Harrop

These are dark days for Britain, for the left, and for the Fabian way. The outcome of the referendum was a defeat for Fabianism – a rejection of our internationalism, our collectivism, our spirit of tolerance and openness. It was a defeat for evidence, reason and expertise. On the left, there were individual leave supporters…

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