A German perspective on Brexit

Ulrike Rodust MEP

Despite all the problems and setbacks European integration has suffered in the past, the ‘ever closer Union’ always felt quite certain to me. However, even before British voters went to the ballot boxes in June last year, the calls for a break-up of the currency union and the re-introduction of border controls due to the…


A taxation revolution

Evelyne Godfrey

My brother-in-law Ludwig died on Saturday 11 March, 2017. Ludwig was 62 this year, so he lived into old age for someone born with the health problems he was born with. In recent years he had severe dementia. He didn’t respond at all to anything the last few times we went to see him. He had…

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The benefit of the doubt: Germany’s coalition deal

Stefan Sasse

This Wednesday, German politics produced a big buzz. The final draft of the coalition treaty between the Union parties (CDU and CSU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) was signed. The 170 pages contain much ‘styrofoam language’, designed to cushion the mentalities of all parties involved, but there are also some real policy decisions in there…

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