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Never Again: Lessons from Labour’s key seats

Andrew Adonis

The polls were the source of false hope. Not just national polls but constituency polls, which appeared to give a more fine-grained and accurate picture of what was happening on the ground. In fact, what the national polls showed in England was practically a dead heat on voting intentions, but with a signif­icant deficit for…

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Window of change: what Labour’s next leader must do

James Morris

If McDonald’s wanted to sell upmarket steak, they’d need to do more than put porterhouse on the menu. Similarly, persuading votes to trust Labour on spending required more than the last minute addition of a fiscal lock at the front of the manifesto. But, while McDonald’s doesn’t need to transform itself into the Hawksmoor to…

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Let Labour flourish

Ed Wallis

What is Labour’s place in a new political landscape? This is the question the party must seek to answer as it comes to terms with its shocking electoral defeat. Labour’s current challenge is unique – both in terms of its history, with so many of the old political certainties no more, and compared with its political…


What should the Chancellor do in this year’s Autumn Statement?

Association of British Insurers, 51 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7HQ

The Fabian Society and Reform are delighted to invite you to a debate in the run up to this year’s Autumn Statement: "What should the Chancellor do in this year's Autumn Statement?" 2 December 2013, 12.30 to 14.00...


2030 Vision

Future Spending Choices Commission




Andy Burnham MP



No Right Turn

Andrew Harrop, Natan Doron