Welcome to… The Department for Transport

Kate Godfrey

In Maria Eagle’s hands, transport has become a battleground policy area in the run-up to 2015. As her successor Mary Creagh takes over as the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, London-based civil servants and MPs opening postbags in the localities will agree: the days when the biggest issue facing transport was pothole management are…


Welcome to… DWP

Andrew Harrop

Taking on the work and pensions brief should be the dream job for a senior Labour politician. DWP is the largest spending department, a symbol of the cradle-to-grave welfare state; and it is pivotal to two central Labour issues: inequality and labour. But as Rachel Reeves steps into the role of Shadow Secretary of State,…


Welcome to… The Ministry of Defence

Kate Godfrey

There is something about defence which robs David Cameron of his surety of touch. Whether it’s over negotiating defence cuts with a party seething at the scale of reductions made to the defence establishment and redundancies of servicemen and women; through the embarrassing rejection of his Syrian policy; the removal of ex-army officers from Conservative…

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