European union

The referendum game

Mike Gapes MP

Despite recent difficulties the European Union is a great success.  Many others in the Balkans, in Turkey and Eastern Europe still aspire to join us.  Why should that be if it was the unmitigated failure portrayed by Europhobic politicians? In the 70 years between 1870 and 1940 there were three major European wars.   The Nobel…

Gordon Brown

Review: The Confessions of Gordon Brown

Paul Richards

The first and most pressing thing to say is that Ian Grieve’s portrayal of Gordon Brown is uncannily, scarily, astonishingly lifelike. I don’t mean Grieve does a good impression of Gordon Brown, or an amusing caricature. I mean it’s like Gordon Brown is physically present in the room. The dark suit, white shirt with silver…

Scottish flag

How to future-proof the union

James Hallwood

There is a year to go until the Scots vote on whether to remain in the UK. What is increasingly clear though, is that a ‘no’ vote would not be the end of the story – with all three unionist parties making it apparent that Scotland is likely to be devolved more powers if she…

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