People versus the plutocracy

Austin Mitchell

There’s a problem with Labour’s message. No one knows what it is. We ourselves aren’t too clear what we’re about or what our party stands for. It used to be simple and clear: Labour was there to use the power of the state, the community in action, to advance the cause of the people, to…


Building stronger communities

Thomas Neumark

The Conservative party’s ‘big society’ rhetoric has failed, and failed spectacularly. David Cameron admitted as much in his speech to the Tory conference when he said he had “spent three years trying to explain the big society”. Trying and failing. This failure has handed the Labour party an opportunity to show how we will build…


Celebrate debate

Lisa Nandy MP

How to reconnect people with politics is a preoccupation in the Westminster village, but it is the wrong starting point. The majority of the public are not apathetic, but many are seriously disillusioned with mainstream political parties. As one of my constituents put it recently: “as far as I’m concerned, you’re all paddling in the…

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