Raised hands

Making our representatives more representative

Hazel Blears

Over recent years parliament has become dominated by a political class, the dominance of which has helped to put people off politics. They see Westminster as being divorced from real life, and they believe – often correctly – that the things we discuss in parliament do not reflect their concerns. The reason that debate in…


Labour’s governing purpose

Natan Doron, Robert Tinker

Ed Miliband should resist calls to announce policy at this year’s Labour party conference. There is always a lot of pressure on the leader’s speech at any party conference. Competing priorities are forcefully prescribed, some calling for more detailed policy commitments, others for stronger opposition attacks. Ed Miliband must instead use this opportunity to explain…


Labour’s bigger enemies

Graham Allen MP

There is a cynical old saying in American politics: “the best time to kick a man is when he is down.” But my party should resist the temptation merely to kick David Cameron as its only project. Labour’s much larger task–  shared with all modern parties – is to rebuild politics itself  and tackle democracy’s…

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