Stop taxing periods. Period

Laura Coryton

What products and consumables do you consider essential to maintain a decent standard of living? I’m guessing that exotic meats such as horse, ostrich, crocodile and kangaroo wouldn’t make it into your top ten (or even cross your mind). In that case, you could probably just about live without edible cake decorations such as jelly…


Health and care: The offer of integrated care is not Labour’s alone

Ben Nunn

“A big banner policy with wonkish nuance”.  That was how the Health Service Journal‘s David Williams described the Labour leader’s approach to big policy announcements the evening before his keynote speech on the NHS. The following day Ed Miliband unveiled his “GP guarantee”, promising all NHS patients a GP appointment within 48 hours if they…


Health and care: Valuing our Allied Health Professionals

Ria Bernard

Labour’s health and care policy acknowledges the importance of the NHS to British society, while also recognising that there is a need for change in some areas in order for the NHS to continue to meet the increasing and diverse needs of a growing population. However, Labour policy should recognise the contribution of Allied Health…

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