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Meeting the mental health challenge

Janet Burgess

This week the Centre for Mental Health, along with five other national mental health charities launched their mental health challenge to councils in England. Islington Council in north London was one of the first 10 local authorities to sign up. As this borough’s mental health champion, I have pledged to support better mental health by…


The Changing Role of the General Practitioner

Dr Clare Gerada

Andy Burnham’s ambitious and timely speech at the King’s Fund, which introduced the idea of whole person care, focused on the vital issue of integration around the patient – bringing health and social care more aligned around the needs of the patient. This approach should be welcomed and I hope other political parties follow suit…


Empowering Patients

Angela Coulter

The NHS continues to be a hugely popular public service, despite its much-publicised failings. Disasters, including atrocious care of elderly patients in certain NHS hospitals, and sensationalist tabloid headlines, have done surprisingly little to shake public trust in the service, which remains high. Yet look beyond the headlines and you find signs of a sluggish…

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