Labour’s New Towns: Building communities

David Walker

In planning to build five new towns, shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds has an opportunity to spark a vital connection to the future from Labour’s past. The postwar new towns borrowed from an Edwardian environmental tradition but were essentially a Labour invention. The first generation of towns was conceived by the Attlee government and the…


Tackling the housing crisis: the Lyons Commission

Emma Reynolds MP

There is a housing crisis in Britain that can no longer be ignored. If we carry on as we are, by 2020 there will be two million too few homes in Britain. This chronic shortage of housing affects families and communities across the country. It’s affecting young people and families for whom the dream of home…


Our London

Sadiq Khan MP

One of my earliest memories is sitting at the front of the top deck of the 44 bus with my brother Tariq as it wound its way from Tooting in South London, to Battersea and across the Thames. We’d spend half the time looking down the screen to the driver below, and laughing every time…

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