Landlords: Don’t be scared of commitment

Anya Pearson

There’s an ever-growing group of people in Britain who feel that the rental market isn’t working for them. They’re concerned about securing the right length and flexibility of tenancy to suit their needs; fair rent prices; and an uncomfortable asymmetry of power between landlords and tenants. And they’re worried that the government won’t do anything…


Super-gentrification, inequality and Islington

Faiza Shaheen

London has become a breeding ground for inequality. Growing income disparities and the widening gap between the housing haves and have-nots are becoming increasing visible. Nef’s recent research in the London Borough of Islington exposed not only the extent and speed at which divides are growing but also the damaging impact on residents and the social…


A challenge for the Care Bill to cover housing

Lord Best

With the Care Bill currently being debated in Parliament, all the problems of our ageing society are highlighted once again. Local authorities are running out of money to meet social care costs. The NHS is struggling to cope with the health care consequences of the huge increase in numbers of older people (as well as…

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