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Why it matters: Regulating private rents

Teresa Pearce MP

The word ‘home’ means more than just a roof over your head; it means security, a place of safety, a sense of belonging. But for a large percentage of people now living in insecure private rented accommodation their home provides none of those things. I see in my postbag a growing number of families whose…


Rebuilding the economy

Nick Raynsford MP

Everyone knows that we are not building enough homes. This is not just bad for all those people in need of a home, but it is equally bad for the economy. Homebuilding is a significant contributor to employment and growth, and as most of the materials that go into a new home are sourced within…


How to regulate private landlords

Jon Primett

It was a very proud moment for me to hear the Labour party leader, Ed Miliband, mention me in his speech to the Fabian New Year Conference last Saturday, following my submission on the Your Britain website. I suggested how Labour should create policy which will deliver a private-rented sector which works positively for families…

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