National Interest: Interview with Jim Murphy

Mary Riddell

For the first time this year, Jim Murphy had a slot at the Edinburgh Festival, sharing a fringe platform with a comedian friend. His subject was the 100 venue tour in which he set up his Irn Bru crates on Scottish street corners to deliver the gospel of the Better Together campaign. As if to…


2014, Labour’s year of…International development

Anas Sarwar MP

In the digital age of YouTube, Twitter, camera-phones and an instant and round the clock news, natural disasters on the other side of the world flash on our screens within moments of happening. The death and destruction caused isn’t previewed or censored when the images are broadcast in real time. Through advances in technology and…


After Mandela: Labour must not shy away from internationalism

Joe Walker

They came in their thousands, defying the African summer rain, to celebrate, remember and honour the man who had led the struggle for all South African’s freedom. But amongst the tributes from world leaders, there was one speaker, regarded as a ‘son of Africa’ and the most powerful leader in the world, who captured the…

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