Winning the country

Kate Murray

New Labour was famous for its grasp of the importance of the message. Its communications strategy – or spin, depending on your perspective – is acknowledged to have played a crucial role in securing three consecutive election victories. More recently, the advances made by Labour under Jeremy Corbyn have been attributed, in part at least,…


What vacuum?

Joe England

Are the more than half a million members of the Labour party really ‘intellectually incoherent’? I joined the Labour party in 1958 when Hugh Gaitskell was the leader. Two years later I joined the Fabian Society. Sometime during the Blair years I left the party, one of the 250,000 who did so. I had been…

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Starter for six

Frank Field MP

It is time for the centre-left to come up with new ideas for the next manifesto There is a spectre haunting the centre-left in Britain. It comes from commentators who are trying to establish a consensus that we have no new ideas. May I begin the counter offensive with a starter for six? Hardly a…



Marcus Roberts