#juniordoctorsstrike Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn’s effect

Mark Perryman

Corbynism is a collective endeavour in the best Labour tradition – and there is much more to come, writes Mark Perryman Over the past two years what has made the Corbynite challenge so distinctive, and has become a core part of its appeal, is the way Labour is becoming both a party and a social…

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Shaping the futurescape

Andrew Harrop

Labour must prepare for the challenges of government in the 2020s, writes Andrew Harrop. Only time will tell what form Brexit takes and how it will impact on our lives. The omens for the future are not good. But for now, the worst effect of Brexit is on our politics. It has sucked the oxygen…

David Lammy launches crime report, London, Britain - 03 Mar 2015

Interview: A sense of justice

Kate Murray

Labour is carving out a new place for itself, says David Lammy. He talks race and the justice system, Grenfell and Brexit with Kate Murray There are not many Labour backbenchers who have to break off mid-interview to take a call from 10 Downing Street. But when we meet, David Lammy is just days away…

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