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Shared prosperity

Reema Patel

Voters who feel left behind want their concerns to be heard. A more inclusive economy offers a way to reconnect with them Over the last year, we have lived through two key moments in British democracy: the EU referendum and the general election. The immediate aftermath of the referendum vote revealed a profoundly divided Britain…


The next industrial revolution

Alex Sobel

Green, high-quality jobs are vital for the future After the historic and unexpected general election result we must reflect on what brought us success and where we can improve to deliver a Labour majority at the next election. The result came as a shock to many within the media and polling industries. However, to those…

Matt Brown

Time to act

Sarah Jones MP

We must give communities a voice on housing, writes Sarah Jones MP In the last edition of the Fabian Review, Steve Hilditch wrote a convincing analysis of the housing crisis and Labour housing policy. One line in particular stands out after the disaster at Grenfell Tower. Steve called for a ‘revolution in standards’ for tenants:…

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