Royal Courts of Justice

The final report of the Bach Commission

Willy Bach

We live at a time when the rule of law is under attack. Too many powerful institutions pay lip service to the concept of access to justice without having sufficient regard for what it actually means. It is, after all, fairly simple: unless everybody can get some access to the legal system at the time…


Locked out

Tara Paterson

In Florida, a person can be denied the right to vote if they have ever been convicted of a felony. Embarrassingly, I did not know this when I boarded a plane last week to go volunteer on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The threat of Donald Trump’s candidacy had felt so acute in mid-September that I figured…


Beyond collectivisation: Reforming contract law

Karl Johnson

Getting people to think about contract law is hard. Even devoted political enthusiasts tend to have little interest in law reform unless they are presented with a pre-formed proposal to support. Most people have no legal training, and so, few of them, even those active in politics, have the confidence in their knowledge of the…