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Why it matters: Fighting child poverty

Kate Green MP

Of Labour’s many achievements in government, the one of which I’m most proud is our success in reducing child poverty. Between 1979 and 1997, child poverty doubled under the Tories. When Labour left power in 2010, it stood at its lowest in 25 years. More than a million children were lifted out of poverty under…


Why it matters: Shaping the educational landscape

Pat Glass MP

When Labour returns to power in 2015 they will inherit an education service that is fractured and competitive. Michael Gove’s great experiment will leave a legacy of individual and chains of academies, free schools, trust schools, maintained schools and everything in between. The proposed national funding formula will exacerbate the funding shift from schools in…

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Why it matters: Solving Cameron’s childcare crisis

Lucy Powell MP

The rising cost of living is a key threat to the livelihoods and prospects of many families. Higher prices and a stagnant economy mean that Britain’s parents are now facing a childcare crisis of this government’s making. Prices have shot up 6% in the last year – double the rate of inflation – while affordable…

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