Environmental challenges

Leonie Cooper

The environmental challenges facing the new London mayor and Assembly probably need no rehearsal and top of the agenda is the issue of London’s toxic air, which the mayor has memorably described as making you ill and being illegal. But in the light of the decision of the UK as a whole to leave the…


A decent day’s pay

Fiona Twycross

On the walk from London Bridge to City Hall, I have a dozen choices of where to buy a coffee. However, the only place I can guarantee buying a morning coffee served by someone paid the London living wage is in City Hall itself. None of the coffee shops on my route in to work…

london 300

How much power will London’s new Mayor actually have?

Kat Hanna

The long, hot summer of hustings is drawing to a close, and we’ll soon know which of the prospective mayoral candidates Londoners will have to pick from come May. Housing, transport and inequality have dominated the debate – but what powers will the new Mayor actually have to tackle the most serious challenges facing our capital?…

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