Work and Business: The low pay crisis

Richard Dunstan

The sections on ‘Better workplaces’ and ‘Improving employment rights’ in the Your Britain policy consultation on Work & Business, now in their third iteration, remain extraordinarily weak and woolly. To be doorstep ready, they must become more radical, and more specific. Low pay, the minimum wage, and the living wage Britain is suffering from a…


Work and Business: A targeted industrial strategy

Lee Hopley

Industrial strategy is no longer the stuff of theoretical debate in the UK. After a decade of looking enviously at other countries – and at least one aborted attempt at getting something similar off the ground towards the end of the last parliament – the financial crisis helped bring the UK’s longstanding lack of industrial…


Being human: Is greater authenticity in politics possible?

Jessica Asato

The need for greater authenticity in politics has become a truism, but is it possible? With the rise of so-called ‘independent minded’ politicians such as Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Alex Salmond and George Galloway it often seems that the new challenge should be to de-professionalise politics. For those of us who are active doorstep campaigners,…

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