Labour’s version of the northern powerhouse

Alice Smart

As an elected member of Leeds City Council, the biggest local authority north of Birmingham, discussions of devolution and the northern powerhouse are never too far away. There are lots of reasons for Labour councillors to be excited about the prospect of regional devolution. It has the potential to provide fiscal devolution which would enable…

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Labour, England and the northern powerhouse

Richard Hayton

This essay was originally published on 29 April 2016. What sort of Labour can win England? In this post, I address that question in relation to one key area of policy, namely devolution and decentralisation. This issue has risen to prominence once again in the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum, which has brought into…


Labour, England and the end of British Scotland

Jonathan Rutherford

Gordon Brown’s speech the day before the 2014 Scottish referendum vote was a passionate defence of the politics and history of the British union. He expressed the heart and soul of Labour in Scotland. But his speech was an elegy for a lost world of Scottish Labour politics. The elections on May 5 confirm that Labour…

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