More sustainable neighbourhoods

Graham Duxbury

I recently volunteered to serve on the governing body of the infant school that is now firing the imagination of our third child as she embarks on her educational journey. My motivation – other than wanting to pay back the effort and imagination that has gone into coping with our ‘spirited’ offspring over the years…


The little tramp of the left

Richard Carr

Charlie Chaplin was not only a comic genius but a citizen of the world and progressive campaigner. And his political story has surprising resonances today, as Richard Carr explains For much of the interwar period the left was awash with ideas, but often far from actual power. Barring two short-lived Labour administrations, Britain was presided…

Matt Brown

Time to act

Sarah Jones MP

We must give communities a voice on housing, writes Sarah Jones MP In the last edition of the Fabian Review, Steve Hilditch wrote a convincing analysis of the housing crisis and Labour housing policy. One line in particular stands out after the disaster at Grenfell Tower. Steve called for a ‘revolution in standards’ for tenants:…


Yes We Can

Nick Anstead, Will Straw