Three Lions? The three ways Labour must win England

John Denham

There has been a welcome upsurge of interest in the challenges facing Labour in England, with the Fabian Society prominent in actively promoting the debate. More and more activists, councillors and MPs understand that Labour needs to have a focused appeal to England. As a new English Labour Network is launched this week – to…


From the margins

Shaista Aziz

Many who have not engaged with politics before are now speaking out. We need to listen to them – Shaista Aziz The political landscape in Europe and the USA has sent more than a few journalists, political editors, and commentators into a frenzied tailspin over the past year. Many spent months predicting Brexit would never…


Book review: Labour’s great betrayal

James Coldwell

Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?, Ian Dunt, Canbury Press, 2016, £7.99 Two months ago Theresa May called a snap general election to secure a personal mandate for Brexit. May then proceeded, during the campaign, to refuse any meaningful discussion of what this would mean. Happily, this absurd spectacle produced a hung parliament and stripped…