Politics by people

Olivia Bailey

The labour movement has always fought for the mass participation of people in politics – from campaigning for the equal franchise in the 1910s, to devolution to the nations in the 1990s. As our democracy faces a growing crisis of trust and participation, the left must once again rise to the challenge. As part of…


Red lines

Richard Corbett MEP

Red lines are in vogue. It’s hard to find a politician who doesn’t want to draw one somewhere, and with Brexit negotiations just around the corner, migration is a current favourite. But the problem with red lines is that you must be careful not to lay them down somewhere they’re likely to trip you up…


Backwards march

David Clark

As a consequence of the Brexit referendum and its aftermath, the UK has embarked on a path of self-marginalisation at precisely the moment when its voice as a traditional bastion of European liberalism is needed most. Boris Johnson pleads that we will remain a European power, but the simple truth is that we are about…


Why Life Chances Matter

Alan Milburn, David Miliband MP, John Reid, Ruth Kelly, Yvette Cooper MP