A secure future

David Hanson MP

It is the first duty of government to ensure that our people and communities are protected from threat whether from crime or terrorism. Our citizens expect no more and will judge their government on how they perform in Europe we worked with partners to secure that protection. Now we head for the door we have to…


Why I believe in EU

Dr Liam O'Shea

One positive of the EU referendum is that it has forced many of us to ask, why really are we in favour of the EU? The campaigns have been criticized for failing to make their points clearly but I think some of this is unfair. In many respects, much of the confusion exists because, at…

trident 300

The left’s nuclear choice

David Clark

Labour has launched a defence review, the main conclusion of which will be a decision on whether to maintain support for the renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent or adopt a policy of unilateral disarmament favoured by its new leader. The fact that this issue has been reopened after so many years is for many…

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