Marco Molino

Changing the scene

Eunice Goes

The rise of populism across Europe has its roots in the approach taken by parties of the centre-left for years. European social democracy must rediscover the will to renew itself, writes Eunice Goes If there were still any doubts, the results of the Copeland by-election dispelled them. The Labour party is going through an existential…


Progressive leadership

Ernst Stetter

The electoral year in Europe started last week with national elections in the Netherlands. French presidential elections will follow in April and May and in autumn there will be German federal elections and parliamentary elections in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Progressive parties in all these countries face the challenge of overcoming the trend of…


Labour and the nation 

Ben Jackson

Finding a social democratic language about Britishness is crucial if it is to reconnect with its traditional support, Ben Jackson explains The Labour party has a serious problem with patriotism and national identity. The events of the last few years – foremost among them the referendums on Scottish independence and Britain’s membership of the EU…