Labour, England and the end of British Scotland

Jonathan Rutherford

Gordon Brown’s speech the day before the 2014 Scottish referendum vote was a passionate defence of the politics and history of the British union. He expressed the heart and soul of Labour in Scotland. But his speech was an elegy for a lost world of Scottish Labour politics. The elections on May 5 confirm that Labour…


How should a centre-left government tackle inequality?

Helen Goodman MP

Modern Britain is changing. In 2013, Professor Mike Savage published the Great British Class Survey, describing these new classes and what they look like. Fabian readers might remember taking this quiz to find out which of the seven new classes in modern Britain they belong to. Mike highlights the multidimensional nature that class has taken…

farmers market

The real ‘new politics’ of post-crisis Britain

Craig Berry

The Conservatives understand – and exploit – the electorate’s concerns about ‘place’ As I argue in my forthcoming book Austerity Politics and UK Economic Policy, if austerity were simply an argument about the merits of deficit reduction, its critics on the left would have won hands down. Indeed, the regularity with which George Osborne now delays…

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