Signs of life

Stephen Bush

When Anthony Crosland was in the cabinet, he trained his children to interrupt dinner parties with the words “the prime minister is on the telephone” when Match of the Day was about to the start. He would retreat to another room, where, under the guise of talking politics, he would watch the football highlights. That…


Means and ends

Kathryn Perera

Few would lump the words ‘Crosland’ and ‘communitarianism’ into one sentence. In outlining his vision for the future of socialism, Anthony Crosland barely gave a nod to the importance of community in the functioning of political life. Indeed, when Maurice Glasman launched the Blue Labour initiative, Crosland was his chief villain. According to Glasman, in…


Put children first

Kate Green MP

The context for progressive policymaking has undergone massive change over the 60 years since Crosland wrote The Future of Socialism. Globalisation, technology, changing attitudes to women’s role, immigration, and increased longevity have all had an impact on patterns of family and working life, and the recent vote to leave the European Union has created further…