Ever closer union?

Emma Burnell

The Labour party was formed to be the voice of ordinary working people in parliament; the unions the voice of ordinary working people in the workplace. We have had different challenges through the ages and we have not always acted as best we could when in power or in conflict, but we have always retained…


2014, Labour’s year of…workers on boards

Jim Sheridan MP

I am a proud trade unionist and have been fighting for workers rights since long before I came into Parliament. There is always a role to be played by trade unions in negotiating with management on behalf of their member. Countries across the EU have mandatory systems in place to give employee representatives a place…


The democratic promise of the labour movement

Ed Wallis

Political controversy over the trade union political levy is nothing new. Stanley Baldwin made a powerful speech in its defence in 1924, in response to a Tory private members bill which sought to legislate for union members contracting in rather than out. Baldwin called for “a new atmosphere in a new parliament for a new…