UKIP Campaigners on the eve of the Eastleigh by-elections 2013

The UKIP tipping point?

Mark Rusling

Experienced canvassers will know the drill: L is Labour, T is Tory, Z is non-voter and so on. But if you have only campaigned in London, you might not have seen a ‘B’, because B is for UKIP. In other parts of the country, they see little else now – as a Rotherham councillor said…


Listen again: Campaigning and being heard in the new multiparty era

Felicity Slater

This Labour party conference fringe event was held in partnership with the Electoral Reform Society, Compass and Progress and discussed the rise of smaller parties and what it means for the way we do politics. We were joined by: Richard Angell (director, Progress), Olivia Bailey (research director, Fabian Society), Katie Ghose (chief executive, Electoral Reform Society)…

nurses 300

How should Labour engage with the Europe debate?

Mark Leonard

For the next 18 months, Europe will dominate the national political conversation. What part Labour will play, however, is still up for grabs. Wary of sharing a platform with David Cameron after the Scottish independence referendum, some in the party see little to be gained from getting involved in the cross-party campaign. And there is…

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