Within Reach: focusing on the person

Lisa Nandy MP

In 1839 Thomas Carlyle said “the condition of the great body of people in a country is the condition of the country itself”, and yet 175 years later we still fail too many people with multiple, complex needs who are acutely in need of our help. Typically we start in the wrong place, with the…

John Lewis

2014, Labour’s year of…Winning the welfare debate

Frank Field MP

Labour holds a solid poll lead over the Tories as we head into 2014 and the electorate has bought into our agenda on improving their standards of living by putting money back into their pockets. This is a good foundation from which to build our general election manifesto. But after four years in opposition we…


2014, Labour’s year of…helping an ageing population

Nic Dakin MP

The biggest challenges to policy makers are always the ones caused by what’s happening in the real world – changes in human behaviour, the environment or from technological change.  Politicians are forever tempted to appear energetic and effective by announcing changes in structures – moving the deckchairs rather than tackling the problem. There are some…

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