Labour’s way

Stephen Timms MP

In opposition, David Cameron re-positioned his party with a new brand of ‘compassionate Conservatism’ that could heal ‘broken Britain’. Three years into government, the record contrasts sharply with those promises. Recently, we learned that absolute child poverty has risen sharply. The downward trend in relative child poverty inherited from Labour has halted. In-work poverty is…


Decent welfare we can afford

Peter Taylor-Gooby

Two myths dominate debates about welfare. First, fair social provision is desirable but we can no longer afford it, because an ageing population puts extra pressures on pensions and health and social care. Second, poverty bears most severely on low-paid and unemployed people and single parents, but it’s hard to do much, because most voters…


The Inequality Boom

Howard Reed

Howard Reed finds that the impact of the coalition’s tax and benefit measures could end being as bad for inequality as the Thatcher government’s record. Turning the tide needs to be at the heart of Labour’s strategy for government Concern about the extreme inequalities of incomes produced by capitalist societies has traditionally been a central…

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