The real life state

Alison McGovern MP

Picture the scene. A 50-year-old man arrives at a job centre. He lost his job in heavy industry some years ago and has spent his life since living on government benefits. The economy moved on past his skills, and there is no work listed in the job centre website that he can do. He speaks…


2030 Vision and disability

Andrew Harrop

On Wednesday Sue Marsh reviewed ‘2030 Vision’ and called into question the approach the Fabian commission took to supporting disabled people. Our report has two time frames: it looked at the first few years of the next parliament; and at the next twenty years. On the latter, the commission’s conclusions are very clearly focused on…


Welcome to… DWP

Andrew Harrop

Taking on the work and pensions brief should be the dream job for a senior Labour politician. DWP is the largest spending department, a symbol of the cradle-to-grave welfare state; and it is pivotal to two central Labour issues: inequality and labour. But as Rachel Reeves steps into the role of Shadow Secretary of State,…

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