Predistribution is a necessary but insufficient tool

Alex Sobel

The ‘predistribution’ of income is the latest economic policy tool that Ed Miliband has found to try and own the future of how we create a more equal society. The guiding economic tool of the Labour party since its inception has been redistribution of income and wealth using transfer payments via the state from higher…


A more equal state

Ruth Lister

The state has an important role to play in building a good society and we should defend it. Of course it cannot be an uncritical defence; there’s much that is wrong with how the state functions. Hence the notion of ‘remaking the state’. The vital functions of the state for the left can be summed…


Busting the mythbuster myth

Sunny Hundal

There is rarely a day that goes by when the following cry isn’t heard: ‘Voters are woefully misinformed on this issue, we need to educate them and dispel these myths!’ If you assumed I was referring to social security, immigration, public spending cuts or a host of other issues, you’d be right – a variation…

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