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Full employment first

Liam Byrne MP

Once upon a time, Britain was prepared to give the Tories the benefit of the doubt. They said they cared about poverty; they promised a welfare revolution and they pledged, ‘we’re all in this together’. Now, three long years on, the verdict is in: we have a cost of living crisis, a million young people…

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Why it matters: Fighting child poverty

Kate Green MP

Of Labour’s many achievements in government, the one of which I’m most proud is our success in reducing child poverty. Between 1979 and 1997, child poverty doubled under the Tories. When Labour left power in 2010, it stood at its lowest in 25 years. More than a million children were lifted out of poverty under…


Universal credit: Failure or innovation?

Vittorio Trevitt

Much controversy has surrounded universal credit, the flagship welfare reform of the Coalition government that comes into operation nationwide this October. The brainchild of Iain Duncan Smith, universal credit is designed to replace most existing welfare payments with a single benefit, and theoretically reduce poverty traps by enabling recipients to keep more of their money…

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