Pressures on the health and social care system

Adrian Twyning

If a better system is thine, impart it; if not, make use of mine’ Horace This week the College of Emergency Medicine highlighted the challenges facing emergency departments across the country with unsustainable workloads and staffing shortages. Whilst the design, funding and running of the emergency care system needs urgent attention it is also a…


A new care covenant

Liz Kendall MP

“When all this is gone, what’s left is what matters most: the people you love – your family, your friends.” The Guardian’s Mike White tells me these were Jim Callaghan’s words, quoted by a member of his family at the memorial service for the former Prime Minister and his beloved wife Audrey. I’m sure many…


Predistribution is a necessary but insufficient tool

Alex Sobel

The ‘predistribution’ of income is the latest economic policy tool that Ed Miliband has found to try and own the future of how we create a more equal society. The guiding economic tool of the Labour party since its inception has been redistribution of income and wealth using transfer payments via the state from higher…

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