Busting the mythbuster myth

Sunny Hundal

There is rarely a day that goes by when the following cry isn’t heard: ‘Voters are woefully misinformed on this issue, we need to educate them and dispel these myths!’ If you assumed I was referring to social security, immigration, public spending cuts or a host of other issues, you’d be right – a variation…


Dilnot diluted

Sarah Hutchinson

Jeremy Hunt’s recent announcement about social care funding has been met with a mixture of cautious relief that something is being done to tackle the crisis, and disappointment that Dilnot’s more generous proposals are not being fully implemented. Social care funding is in crisis not only because of the pressures of an ageing population at…


Do we want to reform welfare?

Emma Burnell

The problem we have when talking about welfare reform is that for many years Labour has failed to have a debate with itself about what we believe the welfare state is for and therefore what welfare reform is intended to achieve. Welfare reform has instead become a default term for cutting the welfare budget. If…

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