The five giants: Squalor

Vidhya Alakeson

70 years on from Beveridge, housing is once again in crisis. We are just not building enough homes of any kind. Inadequate supply is keeping prices high even during the recent downturn, creating a generational divide between older households who own their homes outright and younger households whose only option is relatively insecure accommodation in…


The five giants: Ignorance

Estelle Morris

The terminology is different but 70 years after the Beveridge report, ‘ignorance’ is still a giant to be slain. In the decades since the report the lives of hundreds of thousands of people have been transformed by the opportunities that came from the post-war education and welfare reforms. Despite this, we have never broken the…


The five giants: Disease

Liz Kendall MP

In his 1942 report William Beveridge said: “A revolutionary moment in the world’s history is a time for revolutions, not patching”. The challenges presented by our ageing population require as great a revolution in our health and care system today as Beveridge called for 70 years ago. The NHS remains one of our best loved…

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