The Changing Work Centre

Cameron Tait

The Fabian Society and the trade union Community are joining forces to launch the Changing Work Centre, a new research centre exploring the changing world of work. The Centre will be launched at a central London event that will feature a keynote speech from Yvette Cooper, chair of the Changing Work Centre and Member of Parliament for Pontefract and Castleford.

The Changing Work Centre will set out progressive ideas for the modern world of work. This will include looking at the big changes in work since the turn of the millennium and how the left can prepare for the labour market of the 2020s.

Yvette Cooper will be joined on the Centre’s advisory panel by leading thinkers on work including former cabinet member, Liam Byrne, former Director of the LSE, Anthony Giddens, and co-founder of LoveFilm, Simon Franks.

In her speech, Yvette Cooper will warn that the digital revolution is leaving politicians and the labour movement behind. She will argue that Labour must resist the temptation to offer yesterday’s solutions to tomorrow’s world of work.

Ahead of the launch event, Andrew Harrop, General Secretary of the Fabian Society, said “the Fabian Society is delighted to be working with Community to put work at the centre of the left’s revival. From Sidney and Beatrice Webb to the present day, the Fabian Society has always fought for change in the workplace, because good work is central to sustainable economic growth and fulfilling lives.”

Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community, said “Community is the modern union for a changing world. For centuries trade unions have supported working people, but we recognise that the world of work is changing. Rather than simply celebrating our past success, trade unions should be leading the way in shaping the future of work. The challenges working people face today would have been unthinkable 20 years ago.”

The Changing Work Centre will produce original and commissioned research, run high level events and publish content from leading thinkers.

For more information about the Changing Work Centre and a list of members of its advisory panel, please visit


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  1. David Brede

    I take it the yesterday’s solutions include renationalising railways but exclude a replacement for Trident.

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