How Labour governs: 5 Fabian ideas

Ed Wallis

The Fabian New Year Conference on Saturday asks a fundamental question: how should Labour approach the use of state power if and when it is elected in 2015? The Fabians and others have been doing a lot work assessing New Labour’s governing style, what worked, what didn’t, how the public feel about it, and what lessons the next Labour government can learn.

For those looking to swot up in advance of the conference – the full programme for which can be found over here – here is a reading list of 5 Fabian reports that might be of interest:

No Right Turn: Britain’s enduring support for public services

For the Public Good: How people want their public services to change

The Coalition and Universalism: Cuts, targeting and the future of welfare

Beveridge at 70

Letting Go: How Labour can learn to stop worrying and trust the people

And you can read all the blogs, reports etc from our ‘Next State‘ programme here 

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  1. Paolo Sanviti

    Reform of bureaucracy for ideal types of public administration, because distortion bureaucracy and privatization of tax enforcement with power of money and finance, have impact on democracy, civil and political rights.

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